1. Busybox Download

Click to get open source busybox; Default version: 1.20.2.

The default config used by the public version can get from Git.

2. Cross Compile Busybox

  1. declare -x ARCH="arm";declare -x CROSS_COMPILE="arm-linux-gnueabihf-"

  2. make menuconfig

    Cropping according to the needs, the principles are as follows:

    • Options that cannot be crop

      Busybox Settings -->
      Init Utilities -->
      Shells -->
      Coreutiles -->
    • Options that can be crop

      It can be cropped except the above options that cannot be cropped. Coreutiles → Depending on the situation, except for the necessary shell commands. Click to download the simplified config in public version .

  3. make clean;make

  4. make install

    _Install in the root directory is the required busybox installation package.

  5. release busybox to the project directory, then recompile the project.

    cd _install tar -zcvf _install.tar.gz ./ 
    cp _install.tar.gz /project/image/busybox/ 
    cd ~/project/image/busybox/ 
    mv _install.tar.gz busybox-1.20.2-arm-linux-gnueabihf-glibc-9.1.0-dynamic.tar.gz