version 1.0

1. USB Hardware Connection

USB connect with board:

2. Enable USB Config In Uboot

Before USB upgrade, you must open the usb config in uboot so that uboot can recognize the usb device.

The opening steps are as follows:

  1. Enter the uboot directory and execute the following commands as same as compiling boot.



  2. Open the following config in Device Drivers config of Make menuconfig.

  3. Open the following config in MStar drivers.

Then save and recompile uboot. After the compilation is complete, copy the uboot bin to the project and repackage it.

3. USB Upgrade Package Production

After successfully compiling the project, switch to the directory and execute the following command to make the USB upgrade package.

Select the upgrade partition according to actual needs.

project\image\output\images generates SigmastarUpgrade.bin after execute the script.

The steps to produce the upgrade package for SD card and EMMC are the same as USB, the script is as follows:



Generated SigmastarUpgradeSD.bin after execution



Generated SigmastarUpgradeEMMC.bin after execution

4. USB Upgrade Steps (PDEMO Board)

  1. Boot into uboot, set the usb upgrade port to 1

  2. Execute usbstar to finish USB upgrade, and then it will automatically restart.

The upgrade steps for SD card and EMMC are the same as USB, the difference is that SD card and EMMC only have one port, and the upgrade port does not need to be set.


SD: sdstar

EMMC: emmcstar

5. Automatic Upgrade

The following environment variables need to be set for automatic upgrade at boot.

USB: setenv usbautoupgrade 1;saveenv

SD: setenv sdautoupgrade 1;saveenv

EMMC: setenv emmcautoupgrade 1;saveenv