version 1.0

1. Nor Flash Usage Statistics

View partition usage.

Size is the total size of each partition.

The used size is the image size of each partition, which can be checked at project/image/output/images:

Total minus the size of each partition image is the remaining available partition size.

2. DDR Usage Statistics

DDR is composed of two parts:

  • One part in native linux

  • The other part is separated for SDK use (MMA).

2.1. Linux Memory Statistics

Dropcache before statistics:

Then cat /proc/meminfo. MemFree is the remaining memory.

2.2. Mma Memory Statistics

Mma usage can be counted with cat>/proc/mi_modules/mi_sys_mma/mma_heap_name0:

Length is the total size, and chunk_mgr_avail is the remaining size.

2.3. Mma Size Configuration

Just change the size in project\configs\nvr\i2m\8.2.1\nor.glibc-squashfs.011a.64.

Note: When mma is changed larger, the memory corresponding to linux is reduced.