The steps to add spinand flash sop are as follows:

  1. Replace the added SPINANDINFO.sni with project\board\i2m\boot\spinand\partition, otherwise the tftp upgrade will not find the cis error message.

  2. Replace the added SPINANDINFO.sni to the isp directory above the ISP_5.0.15.rar version, otherwise the flash information will not be found in the isp upgrade.

  3. Modify alkaid\project\image\image.mk to configure the flash size:

  4. Modify the value of the -k parameter, which represents the total blk number of flash (1 blk = 128KB).

    flash size = 128K*1024 = 134217728 KB = 0x8000000KB = 128MB

    If you use 256M flash, change -k 1024 to -k 2048 (2048*128K = 256M).